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I watch a movie; you are there. I am sorry I missed you, but I am still thinking of you. One reason is that I am always thinking of you!

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I wake up, shower, eat breakfast and think of you until the minute I see you. See Also: to say to your boyfriend to make him feel loved. I am happy to know that no matter what may happen, thoughts of you will bring happiness. I have tried and I am still thinking about you. You love the way that you keep popping up in my mind all day long.

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Today is going to be wonderful from the moment you walk through the door to the second we fall asleep together. A love letter? Yes, really. Sure, in this day and age, your options for how to s Hallmark writers offer up inspiration to help you find just the right loving words to add when you sign a valentine.

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You know the caring type: They listen when you talk. They show up when you need them. They remember your birthdays But nothing fills your bucket like meaningful moments with friends and family, so we asked There was an error adding this product to your cart. Please close this window and try again.

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    I hope that you think of me as often as I am thinking of you. If you did that, you would never be able to do anything else! Can you imagine a night without the moon or a day without the sunlight? That is how I feel when I imagine an entire day without thinking of you.

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    It is just too impossible! I find your image in everything that I see. Whether it is the waves rolling toward me or the sunshine warming my skin, I find that it makes me think of you and how attractive you are. There is an old saying that we are what we think about.

    I find this saying a bit weird because, if it is true, then I must be you! There is only one good thing that happens when I cannot see you all the time—I can have more time to think about you and remember all of the amazing memories that we have together.

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    • As long as I can fall asleep with thoughts of you on my mind, that is the only thing that matters. We might not be together physically, but we can meet each other in our dreams tonight. I just wish that other people realized how hard it is to work or focus on anything else when all that I can do is think about you. I hate all of the time that I spend thinking of you because it means that you must not be at my side. Until I can be with you, I am haunted by all of the wonderful memories that we have together. I wish that someone gave me a dollar every time I thought of you because I would be the richest person in the world by now!

      You must be the fittest, strongest guy in the world by now because you spend all of the night running through my mind! I had such a strong desire to tell you about how I feel, but I find that it is impossible to put those thoughts into words. All of my thoughts are about you and all of the things that I want to do when we are together.

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      Whenever you fall asleep each night, I feel jealous. Because of all the thoughts of you on my mind, it is truly impossible for me to fall asleep.

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      I am just too excited at the thought of getting to see you and be around you again. Whenever I see you, I think of you. No matter what I do, it seems like you are foremost in my thoughts and first inside my heart. While I am pretty certain that you deserve someone better than me, it is safe to say that you will never find someone who thinks about you as often as I do.

      It seems like I cannot let an entire minute go by without thinking about you. Remember: you can never truly be lonely. You will always hold a special mind in my heart, mind and soul. No matter what happens during the day, you are always in my thoughts.

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      Even during the most difficult of times, you are never alone. No matter what the day brings, I am always thinking about you and wishing that I could be with you. You are like the most addictive, personal drug that there is. My thoughts are permanently attached to you, and it feels like I have developed an addiction that is impossible to break. If you ask me what or who I am thinking about, you already know the answer intimately.