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I think I have issues! These peppers are not for the faint-hearted, though. You are in for a treat. Home grown Carolina Reapers are hotter than anything you can get in the stores. I just bought Carolina Reapers in stater brothers in California. In my opinion they have the same kick as the ghost peppers. Yeah they are! I ate my first raw homegrown Carolina Reaper today and half of my face went numb. It was no joke. I have Ghost Peppers and Reapers growing and the Reaper is unbelievable. RE: FreediverCN you are exactly right.

I have got a chocolate habenero and my fella who eats chillis said a tiny bit of it was hotter than hes ever tasted. I would like to have it tested can you please help me were to send it please. Its hotter than hot…. Do all reaper peppers have a distinct tail? Does it take growing a second generation of those hybrid seeds into new fruit to know for sure — because I was wondering if I accidentally grew a tamer more Habanero-like pepper?

Not all reapers exhibit the tail, but most plants should. If you post a picture to our facebook page I can help identify it for you. Banana peppers are still the hottest to me. My grandpa loves hot stuff. This year my dad decided to get some Carolina reaper seeds and grow them for him. Lol But last year when me and my mom were driving home from North Carolina where we have family, we stopped at a college mall like rest stop and I saw a clear bottle of hot sauce and I got it extra hot for my grandpa. It was in a bottle that looked like a liquor bottle so when my grandma gave it to him she told him it was liquor and he took a drink and it burnt his lip!

He had a blister on his lip for like a month after. Anyone know what pepper may have been used in this sauce? Now, about these crazy pointlessly? What other things can you eat to save you from the heat and how effective are they compared to sugar or bread? Sugar or bread is very effective at reducing the pain afterwards. The bread will soak up the oils stuck on your tongue and inside your cheeks.

High fat dairy works wonders as well. Whole milk, yogurt or ice cream. Capsaicin only dissolves in fat, oil, or alcohol. Water will only make it worse by spreading it. I just read citric acid works the best to alleviate the pain because you will just throw up milk lol. My husband and I live in Turkey. He has been planting Habaneros each year and when he prepares them for sauce he burns off the skins.


Sometimes I am not aware of what he is doing and suddenly I begin to choke due to the smell of the skins burning. He loves them but I do not want to be in the house when he cooks the skins. This hot enough but on another trip home I bought Carolina Reaper seeds. This is the first year he will have a bumper crop of CRs and I do not want to be in the same house when he makes sauce. May I suggest he cook the skins outside? Hello, I am growing the Carolina Reaper in a pot and the plant has a lot of peppers now however they have remained green for about 3 weeks Does anybody know how long does it take for the peppers to turn red?

It does seem like Carolina Reaper pods take forever to ripen. They will, it just takes time!

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From flower to ripe pod it takes about 1 to 2 months. Environmental factors will change that time. There is nothing you need to do but wait. Hi, thanks very much for the info. I thought I was doing something wrong and I just wanted to correct it.

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At least five days a week I eat a sandwich with a fresh or frozen hot pepper cut up on it. The DT are the same as the original pods but the 7 Pot now has small pods that are as uncomfortable to eat as my Carolina Reaper and Scorpions. The pods from seeds of my 7 Pot Primo are three times the size and are just starting to ripen — if they are as hot maybe they could be called 21 Pot peppers LOL.

The 7 Pot Primo I ate yesterday felt like I had swallowed molten lava and a couple hours later my urine was like boiling water very similar to the effects of my Reaper and Scorpions last season. Thanks for your concern. I spoke with my GP today about the after-heat in urine after eating hot peppers of the 7 Pot Primo or hotter variety and he likened it to the strong smell in urine that some people have after eating asparagus.

It is not anything to be concerned about. I just have never heard of that before. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I was concerned he might have had a separate health issue.

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Cut up a couple reapers, put in with tequila, let sit 3 to 4 months. Had a couple hot shots, and the next morning you will feel like fire is coming out, that just might bring you to your knees. Good stuff. Some of these comments are pretty hilarious.

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I ate Carolina reaper peppers and it was like eating bell peppers!!! I am starting to wonder if it ever will be. Wholesome respect to these hot peppers. I feel bad for the people that are eating these peppers daily. I could find anything to support that claim. Blogging , when making a contraversial claim, outbound link to your source, good for SEO and helps your reputation.

All of these are the same species capsicum chinense. This makes it relatively easy to cross breed these peppers to create new ones.

All-cause mortality risk 13 percent lower with red chili pepper intake

Take the pollen from one plant and put it on another variety. Heck, nature does this for us most of the time. None of them are clones which is an exact copy or GMO which would require a team of scientists and millions of dollars. A crossed variety is not a GMO. At a Trinidad Moruga scorpion today at school and coundent talk through all first period it hurt like a. My husband Bob has been growing Carolina Reapers for the past 3 years in our garden.

We pick them from Summer through the first frost. He dehydrates them in a dehydrater outside where we live in North Carolina because the one time he did it in the house it made our eyes burn and water. He ships them to family and friends in the US who want them. These are some hot peppers, but not as hot as the cherry pepper lol cant believe ytou kipped over it lol olol yuh.

How capsaicin works against cancer

We are going to be offering 14 different live superhot pepper plants this next year. You can grow these superhots indoors in the winter, but you would need grow lights. December and January is a good time to start these plants indoors and transplant outside after the last chance of freeze. Have grown Tabasco peppers through the winter for three or four years. I place them in a west facing window.

They do fine.