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Kamala Harris has made equal pay a centerpiece of her Democratic campaign for president.

In late May, she unveiled a plan to require employers to disclose pay data, under penalty of being fined if they fall short of paying their workers equally, regardless of gender. Harris : "The law says that men and women should be paid equally for equal work, but what we know is that in America today, women on average are paid 80 cents on the dollar of what men are paid for the same work.

Whites (and men) only? Harris goes there on the 'electability' argument

African American women, 61 cents on the dollar, Latinas 53 cents on the dollar. And these are actually not debatable points. Colbert : "So this is not hours worked, on average.

This is hour for hour. Harris : "Yeah, and for the same work.

Harris Wants to Fine Companies That Pay Men More Than Women

In a nutshell, Harris incorrectly explained the meaning of the gender wage gap. The 80 percent figure is not an apples-to-apples comparison of men and women performing the same work. Instead, it refers to average pay for all jobs held by men and all jobs held by women. When we reached out to the Harris campaign, they quickly acknowledged that Harris had misspoken, even after being prodded on the point by Colbert.

Daniel Harris - Men's Basketball - Quinnipiac University Athletics

The most recent official data on this point, published by the U. Census Bureau for , showed that women earned Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Product Details.

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