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Recently, Haraway proposed that we need to make non-human kin in order to collectively recuperate damaged worlds. Her stories prompt me to re-imagine home corner anew — beyond the standard design and play that reproduce hetero-normative domestic relations.

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As a provocation to ECE scholars interested in experimenting with feminist common worlding methods and writing their own SF stories, I ask … What would the architectures of home corner look like if designed to accommodate all manner of refugees, dispossessed and displaced beings instead of nuclear families? What kinds of recuperative queer kin rituals, practices and relations would emerge in this purposely-reconfigured collective safe space?

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Haraway, D. Taylor A. What happens to home corner when a chemical fire makes it uninhabitable? What happens to the home corner when a chemical fire makes it uninhabitable? No, I don't have one but am really inspired seeing yours! We have a shopping cart, plates, food, etc and this may be a good place to start.

I like the dress up idea for my son and may try to find things like pirate, construction and fireman clothes to start. Love it Christie.

Maths in the home corner - Real numbers | Nursery World

Can't half tell you were an early childhood teacher! I thought I was proud of the tee-pee my sister made for my daughter's play space, but yours is nothing short of inspiring. I have a generous amount of space in my home but, after seeing this post, I think I need to make better use of it I think.

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  • It is not always this tidy, Jackie, but making sure that there is a place for everything which is labelled certainly makes pack up time quick and easy. Good luck with your space, I am glad to hear that you feel inspired :.


    We have a play room, but it doesn't have a very good system for playing dress up -- this is very inspiring! How lovely. We don't have a separate playroom, so our play space is limited. We do have a play area in the eat-in kitchen, which is mostly taken by Anna's play kitchen. In fact, I am considering to do some restructuring and move things around, since I don't remember when she really played in her kitchen.

    We have one, but it isn't as well organized. I've been inspired by your dress up storage.

    From Home to the Home Corner: Observing Children's Identity‐Maintenance in Early Childhood Settings

    Our kitchen and doll bed are together but the dress up clothes are upstairs. Oh, Lacey would love this room. Living in Bondi as I'm sure you can understand we're short on space.

    25 Smart Corner Decoration Ideas For Your Home

    Lacey's room is very girly and has lots of room for play Thanks for the inspiration. I LOVE this play space! So well thought out and educational.

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