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They speak volumes. In a sense, the texts The Truth that Eedoo is introduced to in the story would be worthless pieces of paper without the presence of Pepe. Pepe instructs his grandson, now his pupil that he will need to provide the proof for himself. Your whole life will be turned upside down. Nothing will ever be the same again.

A Paranormal Investigator Describes Her Journey from Believing in Ghosts to Accepting Science

Are you willing and ready to kiss your cosy little life goodbye and discover The Truth? After all, it is the reader who will determine whether the content of the text is indeed The Truth. This will be an individual matter.

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She always looks to the "normal" first to explain the paranormal. Tony has worked in the civil engineering field for over 30 years. This has given him the drive to search out alternative, or what others may call normal, paths for unexplained events. His paranormal experiences didn't occur until later in life, but the ones he has had have made him search for the truth as to what is really out there.

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Currently, Tony is facinated by cryptid research and continues to explore the options of animal species we have yet to document or discover. Priscilla, Investigator Trainee. Priscilla is an emergency Dispatcher and a student of Mortuary Science from Jacksonville, Florida. Her passion stems from the helping hand she provides to the community, and assisting the public with their concerns while reaching out for help during possibly their worst moments.

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She has always been fascinated with the paranormal since she was a child, but in , after Priscilla's mother passed away, her paranormal experience and abilities began to increase. She is an empath developing her clairsentient abilities. Priscilla hopes to lend a helping hand to others that may be confused, scared, or looking for answers.

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From early on, Kim had a fascination with the paranormal. A Ouija board appears, spelling out a word which makes no sense in English but conveniently does so when translated to Latin. A local Bouncer who joins the crew in their non-quest gets the willies.

It is true that for most of the film, absolutely nothing of any interest whatsoever occurs. We learn that at the time of the reports of a Black Mass up at the church, the local vicar went a bit unusual and became fond of a drink or ten.

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Names on gravestones pose an indecipherable but entirely uninteresting mystery. There is a lot of standing about in the dark. Things pick up a little in the final twenty minutes or so and we get some scares; flashes of joke shop masks in the hedge, anonymous clumping footsteps, a faint ringing noise in the ears, animalistic coughing could be a badger — not sure.

Finally relief, as some blokes in Jedi outfits turn up with their girlfriends and do a little late night body painting. Of course, the Police can find no trace of any of this when alerted to the problem.